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All the Advantages of a Disposable in a Reusable Format!

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YelloPort 12.5mm and 16.5mm Trocars and Cannulas

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Cannulas: YC1207522 12.5mm x 75mm Cannula+ Stopcock
YC1210522 12.5mm x 105mm Cannula+ Stopcock
YC1215022 12.5mm x 150mm Cannula + Stopcock
YC1610522 16.5mm x 105mm Cannulas + Stopcock
YC1615022 16.5mm x 150mm Cannulas + Stopcock
Trocars: YT1207503 12.5mm x 75mm Pencil Point Trocar
YT1210503 12.5mm x 105mm Pencil Point Trocar
YT1210504 12.5mm x 105mm Blunt Trocar
YT1210506 12.5mm x 105mm Locking Shielded Trocar
YT1215003 12.5mm x 150mm Pencil Point Trocar
YT1215004 12.5mm x 150mm Blunt Trocar
YT1215006 12.5mm x 150mm Locking Shielded Trocar
YT1610503 16mm x 105mm Pencil Point
YT1615003 16mm x 150mm Pencil Point


Disposable, Single Use Valves and Reducers:

YA05VSS 5mm Sterile Single Use Valve/Seal

YA510STS 10.5mm/5.5mm Swing Top Reducer

YA512STS 12.5mm/10.5mm/5mm Swingtop Reducer
YA516STS 16.5mm/10.5mm/5mm Swingtop Reducer

(see Swingtop Reducer Photo at top of page)

10.5mm Fascia Adapter - Regular
10.5mm Fascia Adapter-Slimline
10.5mm Fascia Adapter Seal
12.5mm Fascia Adapter - Regular
12.5mm Fascia Adapter - Slimline
12.5mm Fascia Adaptor Seal

(see Swingtop Reducer Photo at top of page)

Cost Savings Analysis:

Determine what your total cost is for the brand of disposable cannulas you are presently using in a procedure comprised of two 5mm cannulas and two 10mm or 12mm cannulas (we also offer 16mm cannulas). Then call us and we will tell you what your cost per procedure will be with the same number and dimension of reusable cannulas from Yelloport. 800-580-6747.

Cleaning and Sterilization:

YelloPort Trocars and Cannulae are suitable for cleaning in Commercial Washing / Disinfecting machines.

All components capable of sterilizaton in pressurised steam using standard autoclave cycles.

Flash Sterilizaton Not Recommended. It shortens product life.

With Dynamic Air-Removal steam sterilization: Porous Load. Yelloports are "Wrapped Instruments".

Exposure Temperature = 132 - 137C with dynamic air-removal steam sterilization: porous load. Wrapped Instruments.

Exposure Time = 4 minutes.

With Gravity Displacement Steam Sterilization, Non-Wrapped Instruments. Yelloports are "Unwrapped Non-Porous Items".

Recommended Sterilizaton Temperature = 132 - 137C.

Exposure Time = 15 minutes.

DO NOT sterilize in Ethylene Oxide (EO or ETO).

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