Since 1984 La Salle International has been distributing Unique and Cost Effective Medical Devices that reduce costs and offer clinical benefits over our competitors' prducts.  Over the years, our product lines have included Ultrasonic Scanners,  Electro Surgical Generators, Orthopedic Implants, Tissue Heart Valves, EKG machines.  For the last 12 years we have been able to greatly reduce Laparoscopic Surgery costs for our clients by as much as 70% while reducing their surgical waste by 85% by weight and by volume.  Yelloport Plus Reusable (reposable) cannulas and obturators can achieve the same savings for you and your bottom line. Yelloport cannulas afford surgeons greater visibility and dependability due to their smaller head size and greater abiity to maintain their position during surgery.  The heavy, bulky cannulas of our competitors cannot make the same claims.  Please consider Yelloport products when you are thinking of fianally reducing your costs and reducing your surgical waste.