reusablePretzelFlex™ is the world’s first reusable, pretzel-shaped organ and tissue retractor for use in minimally invasive surgery (MIS). It provides improved access and visualisation of surgical sites.

PretzelFlex™ 5mm

The device has a slimline shaft that can be inserted through a 3mm or 5mm port. Then, once inside the abdomen, the PretzelFlex™ forms into the innovative pretzel shape.

Key Strengths of PretzelFlex™

  • Fully reusable and available in 3mm or 5mm variations
  • Impressive strength and stability to support large organs
  • Innovative patented SmartFlex™ segment technology ensures minimal space is required inside the abdomen to form into the pretzel shape
  • Creates shape in smaller space envelope compared with triangular retraction using ‘advance and actuate’ technique – see below for more information
  • Large surface area ensures increased contact area
  • Smooth slimline shaft designed to ensure tissue is not penetrated or damaged
  • Easily inserted in either YelloPort+plus™ 3mm or YelloPort+plus™ 5mm Resposable® port access system
  • Designed and precision-machined in-house to maintain rigidity and shape
  • Ideally suited to be used with FastClamp™ endoscopic clamping system


'Advance and Actuate’ Technique

PretzelFlex™ uses SmartFlex™ technology allowing actuation to begin before all segments have entered the body. This minimises the space required for the device to form into the pretzel shape when deployed by the surgeon. The device actuates within a smaller space envelope than triangular retraction when surgeons take advantage of this 'easy-to-use' technique. To see this technique in action, watch the film below:

PretzelFlex™ 3mm - ‘Ultra’ Minimally Invasive Surgery


The aim of 3mm surgery is to substantially reduce post-operative pain and trauma for the patient, promote faster recovery time and improve ‘cosmesis’ (minimal scarring) by making smaller incisions.

Product NameProduct CodeProduct Description
PretzelFlex™ 3mmSHR7301100mm
PretzelFlex™ 5mmSHR7001100mm

PretzelFlex™ 5mm


“The PretzelFlex™ is an excellent product which builds upon the advances made with the Endoflex™ retractor with its larger surface area, due to the pretzel-shaped configuration, allowing for even more effective organ retraction. The PretzelFlex™ is ideal for complex weight loss surgery, where it is used to elevate the liver and can be the difference between completing the operation using laparoscopic ('keyhole') techniques and having to resort to conventional open surgery with its attendant risks. The PretzelFlex™ is far superior to any of the other organ and tissue retractors I have previously used.”

Mr James Halstead, Consultant Surgeon