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Completely Insulated Disposable Shafts!

Say Goodbye to Screw-On Tips which can be a cause of Electrical Arcing!

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Logi™Range laparoscopic instrument system utilises our innovative Resposable® technology to deliver the cost-effectiveness of a reusable instrument with the optimum performance of a disposable.


Key Strengths of Logi™Range

  • Resposable® - reusable handles, and disposable sterile inserts (Logi™Cut scissors and Logi™Range graspers)
  • Logi™Range inserts are available in 3mm or 5mm options
  • Inserts are sterile-packed ready for use and fully disposable, thereby minimising risk of infection
  • Insulation up to distal tip of outer tube increases patient and user safety
  • Logi™Cut double-action scissors are curved to ensure better visualisation of tip and easy cutting
  • Single-use inserts fit our Logic™ reusable handles, including the ‘pistol-grip’ handle and patented ‘horizontal’ handle, both available with or without ratchet and ergonomically designed for ultimate ease of use
  • Inserts connect to handle via a simple easy-to-use ‘ball and socket’ connection, providing rapid assembly/disassembly
  • Electro-cautery connection on handles are carefully positioned below the wrist to reduce cable interference and snagging
  • Option of centrally mounted three-stage ratchet mechanism offers exceptional flexibility and versatility
  • Logic™ 'horizontal' handle’s ergonomic patented design provides a natural extension to the surgeon’s hand, designed to reduce pressure on the surgeons thumb and forearm as well as improve posture by keeping hands more in line with shoulders
  • Perfect complement to YelloPort+plus™ Resposable® laparoscopic port access system



LogiPhotoPhillippe Grange

“For 23 years I have used many different laparoscopic instruments and I still remember the pain during long procedures, the discomfort of the handles and the challenge to rotate the shaft. I also remember reluctant ratchets, tricky assembly of hopeless graspers, tired scissors, and loose dissectors. The Logi™Range is strong, light and comfortable instruments that simply do the job. Like good shoes, you forget you wear them.”

Philippe Grange, Consultant Surgeon